Hotel restaurant software development

For many decades, information systems have been present in organizations. First, in physical form, and then in electronic form, they daily occupy a prominent place in organizations, firstly, because of increased competition in the markets and the huge amount of information that needs to be managed, and partly because of the constant development of new information technologies that provide more relevant solutions. Thus, the computer becomes a means of cognition of mankind with the aim of its treatment, preservation in time and communication in space; This is precisely how information technologies break the habits of an organization, impose its rules and ultimately become an important tool for rational, modern company management. The diversity that exists in the mobile field and computers, especially in a large number of operating systems using various technologies. Recognizing the importance of defragmentation and striving to optimize the process of designing mobile and desktop applications, the developers sought to implement several methods for development for several platforms at once, where multi-platform development. Hotel restaurant software development for the hotel restaurant and the advent of mobile tablets only reinforced this fascination with this new technology. “More interactive, more practical, more transportable, sometimes more aesthetic; In the development of software for a hotel restaurant, there is a lack of descriptions of the changes that these devices have made in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.”

Of course, the difficulties that most restaurants know as managing their customers’ orders, as well as the menu map, do not leave customers an easy task to find a dish. Since there is no image of the proposed dish in this menu and it often changes, this form of work often causes prejudice, since the choice of a multi-platform computer system with its influence helps to optimize the process. order processing and, thus, the prevention of falsifications noted in the period with high frequency, remain significant. It is in this context that our graduation project is appropriate. In fact, we strive to create an environment that relates to the development and production of multi-platform software for interactive restaurant management. From the foregoing, we are faced with three problems that will concern us in our scientific research. How to store and process various information of a modern restaurant regarding customer purchases? How to allow communication between customers and employees in a restaurant?

Accounting software development. The purpose of these specifications in the development of accounting software is, firstly, to determine the list of functionalities that must be developed in order to have a software package for complete management of the shared hosting platform, as well as for user access, only administrators, resource management, on the one hand, and accounting for bills, payments and income, on the other. This specification also defines the various phases of the project that must be followed to ensure a smooth transition between the new system. In fact, this is the hosting that is currently working: more websites, email addresses, databases, etc. The future of developing accounting software to manage this platform should allow passage without migration (interruption). Service requiring the launch of migration scripts, various irreversible reconfigurations to start the production of new software). The transition should be smooth, the two programs (the software being created) will work side by side for some time, which will give us, all users, developers, administrators, tools for debugging new software, for writing user documentation, to accompany employees in new software work providing, with all the necessary time and peace of mind.The first phase of the project is to redesign the platform management software from the very beginning. Current software was delivered without documentation and left by its original developers. The code is opaque and almost without comment. Numerous difficulties made it ultimately more efficient to ultimately process such software, rather than support such a gloomy system. However, it remains to be maintained in working condition throughout the development of his successor, and even during its production.